Christina Santini, CN, CTT, RYT

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Christina Santini is a clinical nutritionist who specializes in biological medicine, a certified yoga teacher, and a certified thermography imaging technician. She integrates Eastern medicine with Western nutrition science to balance the body, mind, and soul, bite by bite.

Christina obtained a degree in human nutrition from Copenhagen University College, a certification in biological medicine from Paracelsus Academy in Switzerland, and a certification in medical thermography in California. She has taken extensive courses and training in Ayurveda, biological medicine, medical yoga, thermography screening, and plant medicine.

Christina has over 15 years of experience in medical settings in Europe, New York, and Los Angeles, along with a private practice. Her work ranges from performing executive health checkups on the “wolves of Wall Street” to providing medical nutrition at private hospitals and conducting health screening for preventive purposes. She specializes in treating the root cause of the symptoms through advanced lab testing, and she focuses on chronic conditions, mental disorders, migraines, antiaging, digestive disorders, eating disorders, addictions, and cancer.

Christina is the owner of The Nutrition Clinic, with the main office in Copenhagen and a pop-up office in Los Angeles. The clinic has a cross-disciplinary approach with American doctors to offer advanced lab testing, medical thermography, and personalized nutrition. She believes that no size fits all and no one diet fits all. For her, each individual is uniquely wired biochemically and requires a customized approach to feel great in the skin they are in.

Christina speaks English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and German. She enjoys developing new products and recipes, cooking, skiing, yoga, mountain biking, rollerblading, and hiking.

Last modified on: 21-11-2022